Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Regarding Haircuts...

The other day I needed a haircut. You know how it goes... Your hair starts getting long and it weighs your head down, etc. So I asked Jen to give me a haircut.

She was almost done with everything but she realized that there were still a few hairs too long in the back. So she grabbed the clippers and tried to trim them down. The problem? The #3 guard was no longer on the clippers.

As I felt a fresh breeze over a small portion of my head I began laughing. Jen gasped and covered her mouth. I continued laughing. As you can see from the picture I had a nice chuck taken out of my hair. It still makes me laugh to look at it.

The next day I went to work. People were giving me the strangest looks but I could tell none of them wanted to say anything. ;) Only one person the entire day even said anything. It was one of my co-workers. Her comment? "What happened to your head?" At any rate, my hair has been fixed, it's much shorter than usual, but I thought everyone would enjoy my funny "bad" hairday.


Jessica Jensen said...

How funny! I touched Bart's once... now we pay to have it cut if Jaclyn or my mom can't cut it.

Leslie said...

I loved your bad hair day. I gave Lyle one as well. Just as I went to cut his hair he turned and I cut a big chunk out of one spot. He didn't seem to care.

Jensen Flamly said...

That's awesome. I love it. I'm glad you got it fixed. You should design mom's background too :)

Jensen Flamly said...

Love the story, and the post! Wow the page looks great. I can't believe Annie suggested that you take over her place as our blog page designer. But your page does look great.


KT said...

I guess the "curse of the Kevins" struck again. Remember when Heidi tried her hand at barbering!!!

The moral of the story:

If your name is Kevin, don't let your wife cut your hair during the second year of your marriage. (I think that actually may be in the bible somewhere!)

I'm not trying to make you feel bad. :( Keep in mind that when Kevin was like 3 or something, I tried to curl his cheek with the curling iron. I think he still has a scar. Trust me, there probably isn't much he hasn't experienced after living with four sisters!

KT said...


Woo-hoo, sexy legs in the honeymoon picture! Did you have to work hard to get the contrast between white and red or is it just the lighting.

Just Kidding!!! It is a really cool picture. In reality, I'm just jealous!

Mike and Audrey said...

nice haircut Kevin. Thats fun that you went to work like that!