Monday, September 1, 2008

Years late. As always.

Hey! We're finally joining the rest of the world! Quick update, Kevin is working at the Albertsons Pharmacy still and I, Jen, am out at the airport. We're really blessed and we're really happy. We've been doing lots of work on the house we live in, and we have lots of little tenants living with us. Ya know, the eight legged, creepy kind. We're having them professionally evicted soon because I can't walk into a room without tip-toeing around scaning for intruders. Anyways, we're starting a business on the side of our already full-time jobs. We're starting a web design business! Kevin is a genius in front of the keyboard. Kevin is to computers as poets are to paper. And both garner the same amount of popularity. Its just as hard for me to watch Kevin code as it is to listen to teenage poetry...but at least the poems have words I recognize. ;) (He made me write that)
I digress. We're not in school this semester, however, we're doing lots of personal study in lots of areas and we're loving it! We're also learning some new languages. I'm learning Japanese and Kevin is learning Java, PHP, CSS, Mysql, and Japanese with me. Well, ok, the first real post is over. We'll try to keep this updated. We'll post some fun pics and vids later.