Monday, December 21, 2009

12/18/09 My Red Belt Test (3rd Gup)

So after 3 years I tested for my red belt in Tang Soo Do. Here are some pictures of the test. Annie and Rae tested at the same time so I was glad to have them there with me.
Here we are warming up. I don't know about Rae and Annie, but I was pretty nervous. Good times.
Hand combination #13....Yeah, believe it.
Annie, Rae, Julian and some girl I don't know.
I really don't know what we were doing here...but we look cool doing it cuz we're in full Dobok with awesome belts. Hi-ya!


"J" Flamly mom said...

awesome! I'm so impressed!

Heidi said...

Oh congratulations! Did all of you get your new belt?
I really do miss the class with you guys. I really wanted to stay with it. Darn kids and their bed times!
If you want to stop by I have Old St. Nippolaus up on my Cake Crumbs blog!
Merry Christmas!

Mindy said...

wow, you are awesome! I didnt know you guys were doing that. Im impressed
Mindy Brown